Why do women/men return to their abusive ex’s..

To most people who have never been in an abusive relationship the answer would be simple. They go back because they are either stupid or ignorant or worse. I believe it’s more complex than just that. I don’t think there is anyone out there who can say that they are strong enough not to become a victim of abuse – the only defense we have is educating ourselves and our children and hope that we or they would be strong enough one day to say no. The reality is though that we go back to what we know. We go back to the familiar even if it is horrible and abusive, it’s still our comfort zone to an extent. The unknown is, for some, far more scary than being beaten, ridiculed, insulted etc. For some reason once you leave an abuser all you can remember are the “good” times the times before he lost his job or before he got that illness or whatever it might be. Domestic violence, violence of any kind, is not the way to do things it is not love. Ladies, and men, don’t fool yourselves and do not for one second believe that you could not do better, because trust me you can. The mere fact that you are being abused means there’s something about you the abuser sees as a threat something worth beating down. Leave get out you can do it.

So yeah a lot of abused people return to their abuser but I believe the more they educate themselves the more they empower themselves the more they can see that it is them with the power and not the abuser. Here’s another article…


By FaithEliza

To heal you have to know what you are dealing with.