Narcissism and getting trapped by your own feelings…

I think that narcissism is way more prevalent in today’s society than we would like to think. I also believe it is far more serious than most people would give it credit for.

We all know people who have hurt us, lied to us and simply didn’t care that they were doing it even though they claimed to love us be in love with us… This is, I believe, a form of soul rape – they strip you of everything that makes you “you”, make you addicted to them physically, mentally, spiritually and in every way possible. In the end you are left empty and alone. For some reason you crave them, need them, need their praises and “love” because you are now just an attachment of them you exist because they deemed it so, well according to them anyway.

I have seen it for myself and the damage that is done can be overcome but only if the person who wants to overcome it believes they can do it. If not the victim will go back into the same cycle with the narcissist. It could be keeping in contact after the breakup emotionally you are still tied to him or her so this is dangerous territory if you’re trying to break free. If the victim cannot let go the narcissist will forever rule that person’s life directly or indirectly. If you have children it’s harder but not impossible, nothing is impossible. Narcissism is complicated, detailed and full of traps, but once the victim can realize there is a way out and stick to it, they will be free.

Here’s an article I found, which says what I try to say much more eloquently…