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Attn Liberals: Quit Covering with Excuses & Start Listening!

November 2, 2010, was truly the historic election the Tea Party Patriots promised it would be. But are the Washington liberal elitists getting the message loud and clear? Seems arrogance has them covering their ears while allowing their mouths to spew condescension. Wake up, President Obama and Democrat leadership. The American people won’t go gently or silently into that good night. Will you continue to rage against the dawning of the light?

Dems Need to Stop Making Excuses, Start Listening

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Twittergate: Dems Hire Thug to Provoke Patriot Citizens on Twitter

Not surprising…liberals will do anything, by any means, to get what they want. Heck, we pay them to uphold the constitution~they even swear to it~but don’t mean it. Yet they keep cashing those paychecks…

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When Can You Break the Law? When the Regime Says You Can…

More baloney rule-breaking for political advantage. This is NOT the America of my father…nor of our Founding Fathers. But isn’t that supposed to be a good thing? EVERYTHING about it is BAD…no matter how they try to sell it.

Here’s the short story from REDSTATE:

What’s the Point of Obamacare Then?

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Strip Her of Her Precious Title

Again, this kind of arrogance in Washington D.C. must end. We’ve had it with the likes of Barbara Boxer, who had the audacity to publicly chastise Brigadier General Michael Walsh for addressing her as ‘Ma’am’. Demanding to be called ‘Senator’, a TITLE she worked ‘so hard’ for, she belittled a military man who, what…? doesn’t know what hard work is…? Tell me, how many times has she hazarded her life to be a senator? She should be thankful someone showed her enough respect to call her ‘Ma’am’.