Is my relationship worth saving?

To a hopeless romantic like me the answer is always yes, but the realist in me says if you are being used, lied to, abused in any way shape or form no. Sadly sometimes love just isn’t enough, because love is a two way street if it keeps coming from one side it will burn up, but if it comes from both sides it will ignite brighter and brighter.

A relationship can only be saved if both people want it. If both people are willing to work on it and not just say they will. It takes definite and immediate action either by seeking out counseling, spending alone time together addressing, openly and honestly, the issues that each person is dealing with whatever it might be just saying you will is not enough you actually have to do something about it.

Hopefully if you are going through a rough time or need some guidance this article (website) will help you as much as it helps me.