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How to recover files deleted accidentally

Have you ever found yourself  in a miserable position after you figured out you deleted some of your important files such as  family pictures , videos, etc.. accidentally?

I had such a bad experience not so long ago, and searched to find a way to recover my files. Here i will quickly summarize how I succeeded in recovering 318 GB of files without any loss.

If something like that happens , first thing you need to remember would be not to make any files process on the hard disk where your files were located before they were deleted (files copy / move , software installation, etc..).

Secondly, I suggest you to install Recuva which is a free recovery software  (Download page:

The software helps you to scan your drives and recover the files deleted with ease.

As I said before I recently recovered 318GB of files (56092 files) on one of my drives which was formatted accidentally. It took 10 hours but it worth.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Screenshot - Recuva UI
Screenshot - Recovery Result