Disabling Paypal Address Handling/Override for WP E-commerce

I have been working on paypal address handling for a while to configure WP E-commerce plugin in our online stores.

In original WP E-commerce plugin code shipping handling on paypal is enabled as default; which may be annoying for you and for your customers sometimes since the paypal may not recognize the address entered on your store or shows the address registered on paypal. This is quite confusing. Here is my fix for this issue:


This will prevent shipping info to be sent to Paypal from your shop. If you are handling shipping on Paypal or you don’t know what this means,  do not apply this!

1. Find the code below in paypal-standard.merchant.php file which normally should be in '/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants' folder.[codebox 2]
2. Now change it as below:[codebox 1]

Hope this helps you as well.




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while working on my project. i faced same problem, but thanks to your suggestion it solved. its really very useful for me. many many thanks

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