Depression in young children…

How serious do you think this is in today’s society? Do we take ourselves too seriously should we let kids be kids or should we look and listen to what they are saying to us and help them where we can? Or is our helping them only hindering or harming them? So many questions so little time 😉 We always hear our parents saying “when we were kids we got a hiding had manners and learned how to deal with life”. Yet I can’t help but wonder whether there should be a balance, and yes there should always be a balance.

From what I’ve learned and observed balance is essential. If we go from one extreme to the next there is no balance and hence no happiness no fulfillment no joy no peace. This is just a short article about depression in young children, something I think every parent should be aware of and research further.

and another article to point you in your right direction whatever that may be 🙂


By FaithEliza

To heal you have to know what you are dealing with.