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Attn Liberals: Quit Covering with Excuses & Start Listening!

November 2, 2010, was truly the historic election the Tea Party Patriots promised it would be. But are the Washington liberal elitists getting the message loud and clear? Seems arrogance has them covering their ears while allowing their mouths to spew condescension. Wake up, President Obama and Democrat leadership. The American people won’t go gently or silently into that good night. Will you continue to rage against the dawning of the light?

Dems Need to Stop Making Excuses, Start Listening

2 replies on “Attn Liberals: Quit Covering with Excuses & Start Listening!”

To fight for what one believes in even if other people do not agree with you takes courage and great great character… I admire you for standing your ground and saying your say 🙂

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