3 Column Footer for WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme

After I published my first post about this subject, I received several messages about the issues with the codes provided.Unfortunately I didn’t have time to check all coding in details until today.

Here you will find my new code which is currently used on Soon we’ll switch to twenty-thirteen I guess. But before that, I decided to write a better footer code.

The problem with the previous version of the code was basically the widths defined in the css code. The code also didn’t have unique class for each footer widget.

If you didn’t see my first post, you can start here. I’m adding the same instructions here so anyone can follow from scratch.

Feel free to leave me comments if you have any questions!


  1. Create a child theme first. If you’re not familiar with it, you can use this guide as reference:
  2. You need to create a function file under your child theme and then add this to functions.php which will register the footer widgets [codebox 1]
  3. Again, create a footer file in your child there. In the footer.php, you need to add the following code under the line : <footer id="colophon" role="contentinfo">[codebox 2]
  4. Finally, add this to child theme style.css. You may need to modify it to fit your site better. [codebox 3]



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I’m using this, works fine in every page but in front page (using template front page) doesn’t work.

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