Forty Days to Fast and Pray (long version) — Nov 21st to Dec 31st, 2011 (long version)

Revival in Egypt: Prayer and Fasting.. a story to tell to the nations!

Here’s an important side of the story in Egypt that should be highlighted:
uniting to forward the purposes of God.
I’m grateful to share this story.

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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

This article by John Stossel recounts the lessons learned from the first Thanksgiving all those many years ago. Unfortunately, they are lessons–for the most part–lost.  Please enjoy while being reminded of why America is so great, no matter what Angelina Jolie might think.

John Stossel ~ Happy Starvation Day


Thanksgiving Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln

Thanksgiving. Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect upon the initiation of this great American holiday. Let’s be thankful to Him for this opportunity we Americans have to awaken from slumber and arise with bold conviction to preserve this land of the free, which is truly a gift. May God continue to shower His grace and mercy upon America and cover our ignorance and transgressions with His infinite love. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Proclamation of Thanksgiving
Washington, D.C. October 3, 1863