Strip Her of Her Precious Title

Again, this kind of arrogance in Washington D.C. must end. We’ve had it with the likes of Barbara Boxer, who had the audacity to publicly chastise Brigadier General Michael Walsh for addressing her as ‘Ma’am’. Demanding to be called ‘Senator’, a TITLE she worked ‘so hard’ for, she belittled a military man who, what…? doesn’t know what hard work is…? Tell me, how many times has she hazarded her life to be a senator? She should be thankful someone showed her enough respect to call her ‘Ma’am’.


It’s Not Your Seat, Lisa

we don’t have royalty…

Americans have had ENOUGH with elitists infiltrating their government of the people, by the people, for the people. And ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ don’t care which party they’re from. Give it up, Lisa Murkowski. The people of Alaska have spoken. Your arrogance is nothing but, well…ugly.